That Night in Toronto

That Night in Toronto

In 2008, my friend Katherine and I decided that we wanted to share our love of culture in Toronto through a video blog. Being young artists, we didn’t have a lot of cash, so we thought why not try and do as many fun things as we can without spending a lot of money in one night! That was the push behind creating That Night in Toronto. We managed to do about 20 episodes and had a blast doing them. Some of my favourites are posted here, but you can check out the site or our channel for all the episodes!

Prelude to Nuit Blanche
[bliptv gc5s0LIqAg]

Coverage of Nuit Blanche
[bliptv gc5s0d4TAg]

Skating at Harbourfront Centre
[bliptv gc5s7%2BVAAg]

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