Ochestras/Orchestres Canada

Orchestras/Orchestres Canada logo

This is probably one of my favourite brands that I have designed since I began working as a graphic designer. Orchestras/Orchestres Canada was in desperate need of an overhaul to their brand. The Executive Director approached me about coming up with some concepts to help move the organization’s brand into a more modern and sleek look. The final brand image is a good meld of all that the organization stands for. The “O” is the central figure in the logo, standing for “orchestra”. It also represents sound with the coloured O’s behind it vibrating like sound waves from its centre. The coloured O’s are also a representation of the diverse membership across Canada that Orchestras Canada serves.

A note from Katherine Carlton, Executive Director:

We were trying to accomplish a number of things with our re-branding exercise: communicate the diversity and the unity of our membership, effectively demonstrate our commitment to English and French language services, and not fall into old cliches (batons, treble clefs, etcetera…) about orchestras, too. Oh, and come up with something that was good to look at, too. Blair, you managed all of this – and I’m grateful every time I see the new brand!

Katherine Carlton, Executive Director

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