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Creative Trust is an arts service organization based in Toronto which, as they say, “using collaboration and shared learning to help performing arts companies.” I have worked with the Creative Trust in various capacities in the past, presenting a workshop on social media for their members and collaborating on workshops while I worked at the Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts.

The Creative Trust has had the same website since its inception many years ago and it was time for a refresh. The focus of the organization is shifting and they wanted to refresh the look of the site as well as provide a section for resources along with a more dynamic blog to keep everyone abreast of events and changes in the sector.

The Team and I worked on creating a new clean and aesthetically pleasing site which would also allow them to update the content on their own (a much needed feature). After a couple of months working together, we were able to launch the new site in January and it has been a great success for all involved.

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