Along with the launch of a new identity, CivicAction needed a new website. BFdesign was hired by the brand strategy agency Trajectory to design the look and feel for the initial CivicAction website.

  • Client: CivicAction
  • Launch: 2010
  • Type: Website design


CivicAction Homepage designCivicAction website screenshot

After 8 years of working on important issues such as the environment and highlighting emerging leaders in Toronto, the Toronto City Summit Alliance recently underwent a rebranding process to become the Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance.

The project was undertaken by Trajectory (disclosure: my parents run Trajectory) – a branding agency in Toronto. I was contracted to help in the redesign of their website. The resulting design, above, was implemented by another agency. The relaunch was hugely successful and I was happy to be apart of the project!

Tight budgets. Tight timeframes. BF Design tackled the design of the CivicAction website with the kind of design and web savvy that anticipated many of our needs before we even thought to ask. It’s a collaborative approach that makes for great work and delighted clients.

Jeannette Hanna, Vice President, Trajectory