Bombay Black

Project details

  • Client: Cahoots Theatre Projects
  • Start date: 2005
  • Type: Art Direction / Print

Bombay Black

Bombay Black poster

This is one of my favourite pieces I’ve created. Cahoots Theatre Projects was presenting a piece called Bombay Black and approached BFdesign to create the marketing material for the show. Thanks to the brilliant photography of Paula Wilson, I was able to art direct a striking poster evoking the sensual, evocative, and mysterious feel that the play created.According to the company, people were lining up to see the show based purely on the marketing material they had seen around town! It was very exciting to hear about that. It also made me start thinking about how theatre companies in Toronto market themselves. There is a tendency to be very artsy in their delivery of marketing material – which is great, but I feel getting more and more difficult to compete with all the advertising a person sees while walking, driving, riding through the city. The approach taken with this poster was more Hollywood in style with one large striking image.

What are your thoughts on how the theatre community markets itself? Do you like the artsy look and feel or do you think the more Hollywood-style feel is more appropriate these days?

Cahoots has always found Blair to be quick, responsive and easy to work with. Plus, he creates gorgeous designs!

Kendra Fry, Former General Manager